5 Weight Loss Recipes For Juicing, Tips and Secrets

Prepare weight loss recipes for juicing is not a hard thing when it comes to our healthy lifestyle. But, you need to find the right kind of fruits and vegetables that scientifically provide sufficient nutritional values, weight reduction compounds, and antioxidant agents to cleanse your body from dangerous toxins.

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Top 5 simple weight loss recipes for juicing,
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Juice base diets are becoming very trendy. However, there is a lack of scientific study on weight loss recipes for juicing. Our gut micro bacteria can have the capability to manage health and body fitness.

juicing recipes for weight loss

Even if you do not follow any diets like low carb diet, keto diet, paleo diet, still you have a chance to reduce your weight within a few days. You can’t follow weight loss recipes for juicing because of the loss of protein and fat.

While following the juicing recipes for weight loss, your body starts losing some muscle, fat, after a few months again your body gain weight back fast.

How weight loss recipes for juicing help you lose weight fast?

Gut micro bacteria is an essential contributor to your health. Juices provide fiber, nitrate, polyphenols, and oligosaccharides. They can have the ability to decrease weight perfectly, it is scientifically proven in studies.

Fruits and vegetables are a rich source of fiber, associated with decreased type-2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and more illnesses.

One study conducts a 3-day juice diet that are prepared weight loss recipes for juicing. After 3-days they determine the difference in their weight and body composition.

Simple Weight Loss Recipes For Juicing

I am so excited to share 5 of my favorite weight loss recipes for juicing. They are easy to make ass well as they are packed with all essential nutrients.

Juicing recipes are really amazing in my weight loss journey and make my overall health good.

Let’s go ahead and get into the prepared weight loss recipes for juicing purpose.

Tip: Always prefer organic foods every time of juicing diet.

1. Vitamin C Juice

Little bit turmeric.

Here, I like to use vitamin C, K related fruits and vegetables that may help you to improve your vision, skin health, and fat burning. And also we use ginger that is great for anti-inflammatory properties, digestive health and it is perfect aid for fat reduction process.

And also we add little bit turmeric powder at the end of juicing. Wow, guys, this weight loss juice looks rich orange color, which is why we love juicing so good to have when it comes to gathering fruits to prepare weight loss recipes for juicing.

Fiber and proteins are important to give fullness feeling. That’s why you need to drink juices without filtering.

2. Beet Juice Juice

2 Beets
1 Apple

Here, our main ingredient is going to be beets. And these are very rich in antioxidants because it’s the red color.

And in this recipe, I’m gonna add other ingredients like apple, ginger, and lemon. Vitamin C comes from the lemon that promotes belly fat burning and has anti-inflammatory properties from the ginger.

Beets are helped you to boost your stamina which makes for the perfect juice to have pre-workout. Beet juice naturally improves bone, kidney and liver health.

Tip: Drink a lot of water, herbal teas and keep fiber intake healthy level.

3. Fat Remover And Cleanse Juice

Fresh Coriander Leaves
Lemon Juice
Warm Water

Everyone drinks lemon with warm water in the morning, but if you want to effectively lose weight fast, we add one more ingredient.

The juice helps burn calories and provide vitamins and minerals in addition. It improves your digestion and removes heavy toxins from the body.

First, take 3 coriander leaves and grind them along with warm water.

Do you know coriander leaves comes from the carrot family? They help in digestion health prevents the flatulence when you took with hot water.

And it acts ass first aid for secretion of enzymes and digestive acids in your stomach. Coriander leaves are a rich source of fiber and roughage, that cures gastrointestinal issues.

Being rich in iron these leaves help people low hemoglobin level and treat anemia. And promotes proper functioning of the nervous system and strengthening bones as well.

Add a little bit of lemon juice at the end of the process, finally, you will get an amazing fat remover and detoxifier juice.

Do not drink this recipes people who are pregnant and other medical complications.

Tip: Do some physical exercises, yoga, a little walk to help burn extra calories.

4. Homemade Cucumber Juice

Medium sized cucumber
Pealed half lemon
small ginger

Here, I just use one medium -sized cucumber and make it into small pieces. And add a few slices of ginger, peeled lemon. You just put together into a blender along with a half glass of water.

Just leave it for about 45 minutes, after that you blending this for 4 to 5 minutes. Finally, you got fat burning juice for drink. I think it looks delicious and enjoys your day friends.

5. Grapefruit Detox Juice


Grapefruit is the perfect one for weight loss recipes for juicing.

It helps

Keep your hunger at bay
Increases metabolic rate to burn fat faster
Consume low calories

But you don’t add extra sugar, which will derail your diet. Most studies have shown that the results of people who drink grapefruit juice before each meal lose a lot of weight than other people.

It supplies a lot of nutrition and minerals for very low calories. And it is a great choice when it comes to consuming low calories with good nutrition.

Juicing for weight Loss Myths

a. Healthy breakfast smoothies are very healthy and easy to absorb nutrients.
b. Juice can have the capability to detoxifies your body.
c. they help to prepare weight loss recipes for juicing.
d. Juices don’t give enough proteins.

Can You Lose Weight By Juicing?

Juicing may perfectly help you lose weight when you consume fewer caloric fruits and veggies on a juice diet. However, once you stop follow the juice diet, you will surely regain some weight.

Liquid diets give less fullness feeling, especially when you are high in carbs. It is confirmed by several studies. Juices are a great source of fiber, it has the characteristic to reduce your hunger levels immediately.

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