How To Prepare Ragi Mudde And Health Benefits

Ragi mudde is a rich source of protein and fiber. It is one of the healthiest food from finger miller flour and it is Karnataka style sangati.

.. Here, we will teach you about how to prepare ragi mudde
… the ragi recipes or finger millet with curry.

Ragi mudde looks delicious with chocolate color and serves with ghee. It’s recipes quite popular in southern Asian regions especially in Karnataka, Tamilnadu and Andhra Pradesh. From ancient years Indian people likely to eat ragi mudde
What is Ragi Mudde?

Ragi mudde is a ball-shaped recipe from Rayalaseema region of south India. It looks very good and made with finger millet flour.

here we will enter into a small story of my grandfather.

My grandfather is a farmer and he daily went to mango garden about 2 kilometers from my home. And his age was 80 years old now. From his childhood, he always eats ragi related recipes.

Here surprise thing is, he doesn’t have any health issues and actively performed his daily activities very well. Here you learn the importance of ragi mudde and it’s true benefits.

So I decide to eat the ragi recipes along with him. Then I ask how to prepare ragi muddde, because they are very healthy and good for summer days.

Ragi’s Nutrition

Finger millet is considered mine of nutritional grain.
Protein 5-8%
Dietary fiber 15-20%
Calcium 344 mg
Potassium 408 mg

So ragi is considering one of the best sources of calcium, potassium, fiber, and protein. Due to these nutritional values, it gives amazing health benefits like weight loss, heart health, build strong bones and good in summer days.

How To Prepare Ragi Mudde


For best health benefits we need to prepare best recipes that are really good in nutritional values along with good taste.

how to prepare ragi mudde

To prepare ragi mudde, we need to gather the following ingredients
2 cups of water
salt (required)
Clarified butter 1 tbsp
ragi flour 1 cup

To prepare ragi mudde recipe, we have to add 2 cups of water, ghee, and salt to the pan. And boil them for 1 minute.

Separately take a little amount of water in a cup and add 2 tablespoons of ragi flour to mix them well. After mixed then add this mixture to the pan and stir it for 2 minutes.

Here you will stir it continuously until it gets thick. Once you get the ragi mudde to take it from the pan and serve with any spicy recipe.

But some other people likely to add rice this flour in Andhra Pradesh region. This is also really good with chicken recipe, fish, and sambar.

Steps to Prepare Ragi mudde:


1. Add the 2 cups of water in the pan and boil it on stow.
2. And add a little bit of salt and clarified butter to the water.

3. Slowly pour the ragi flour into the boiling water and stir in the mixture until it completely mixes well.
4. Once it mixed well, cook it for 2 minutes and remove the pan from the stow.
5. If you want to add rice, then you have to add rice at the ragi flour mixing time.
6. Serve with any spicy recipe.

Ragi Grain Benefits:

Ragi contains a high amount of fiber and protein content that makes it a healthy food for people who are diabetes, weight loss.
1. Ragi’s high fiber content helps you to lose weight with an efficient reduction of overeating and keep your digestive system strong. If you want to burn extra fat, you just add this to your regular diet that prevents from heavy cravings.

2. For a healthy heart, we need to consume a good source of potassium and calcium. Due to this ragi has a portion of excellent food for our heart health. These properties reduce the cholesterol levels.

3. To build strong bone we need to eat a lot of calcium source foods. That’s why we pick ragi into your diet that can fulfill your calcium needs very easily because ragi’s calcium (344 mg) content is higher than other foods.

4. For diabetic patients, ragi or finger millet is amazing food to lowers the blood sugar levels with their fiber component. It naturally slows down the digestive process and maintains good blood sugar levels.

5. Ragi grain contains a lot of protein with all essential amino acids. It boosts metabolism, muscle development, fast weight loss and reduces depression and anxiety.

Is Ragi Mudde good for weight loss?

It is good for weight loss. Ragi’s high fiber content helps you to reduce more meals and burn extra fat from your body. It contains amino acids like Tryptophan can have the ability to reduce your appetite levels to stop heavy cravings naturally.

Is Ragi a carbohydrate?

Most of the ragi flour contains carbohydrates but still, it has a huge amount of protein and fiber with fat-free. It is a good one for our health benefits.

Is Ragi good for health?

Ragi is a rich source of fiber, protein, calcium, and potassium, helps you lose weight quickly, diabetes control, to build strong bones, muscle development, and a healthy digestive system.

Is Ragi Mudde good for diabetics?

Yes, ragi’s is excellent for people who are suffering from diabetes. The high fiber content of ragi makes this food is healthy. It actually slows down your digestive process and lowers the blood sugar levels.


Once you learn about how to prepare ragi mudde with rice or without rice, you will surely get some amazing health benefits than any other foods.

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