Onam 2018: History And Kerala Floods Impact

Onam 2018:

onam 2018
Onam 2018 is postponed to September month due to come floods. But onam festival is a historic festival in kerala. In malayalm calender people celebrate the onam 2018 festival between august and september months.
Because treditionally this season named as first month in their calender. And also people achieve that , it is a intimation of returning of the mahabali.
Malayali people treditionally called as sravana nashatramuna thironam.

Way of festival :

Onam 2018 is celebrated upto 10 days.
It celebrates depending on malayali treditional rules.
During this festival they perform boat challenges, flowers mulalu and dances.
In the end of the onam 2018 festival they decorate their houses with lams and celebrate like deepawali.

History of onam 2018:

onam 2018
Depending on our legends,god mahabali is a grandson of prahaladha. Although prahaladha is from raksha family, he is good devotee to god of vishnu.And mahabali also devotee of lord vishnu.
In these festival day people believe that mahabali came to our home and meet them.
In tiruvanathpuram dedicate one place for celebrating onam festival with crackers and lot of people come here to see the celebrations.
In festival days people put flowers with colours on muggulu infront of their homes.
But onam 2018 festival,
Some bad days comes into their life in the form of strom. In this strom so many people are suffering for their life and deaths.

But through out the will help the kerala victims with lot of donated amounts.
the kerala government started donation website for victims. And lot websites like amazon, flipkart, airtel payment and tez provided option for donation to the kerala victims.

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