No Internet Connection Wifi: Few Proven Ways To Solve

There’s a no internet connection WIFI, That makes you feel featuring situation that you don’t want face connection problem.

Sure, it’s easy to solve. But there are some simple ways to troubleshoot the internet connection.

If you are experiencing a connectivity issue while you try to browse the variety of websites.

no internet connection wifi

That may be caused by your modem&router most of the times.

You just won’t get the proper internet connection you need to make troubleshoot and reboot both devices.

And you need to work on connectivity problem because most of the people work on online with pcs.

A good technique has the power to solve browsing problems that could improve your pc performance as well.

You shouldn’t give up! There are a few proven methods that I’ve used already in situations like no internet, limited internet access.

I can teach you how to fix this internet connection problem instantly.

Ready to get started. Let’s do it.

Here is how to do it.

Simple Ways To Fix No Internet Connection On WIFI Immediately

Most commonly used methods to fix the internet connection between WIFI and device. There is no single way to fix internet connectivity issues. It will occur a lot of time over the years.

no internet connection WIFI

Restart Your Devices

Just See Modem Light Status

1. Check IP Configuration

Your first step, command prompt to identify router details. You go to start menu search for command prompt and enter ipconfig then you get the following information.

no internet connection wifi

You can also try another command lines still you can’t fix internet connection.

You once again reopen the command prompt and enter “netsh Winsock reset catalog” .

It displays successfully reset the Winsock catalog.
And also your pc displays you must restart the computer in order to complete the reset.

Here, you don’t restart your computer now. We need to type another command code

Next, you just type “netsh int ipv4 reset reset.log” and it displays the following message

Resetting Global, Ok
Resetting Interface, Ok
Resetting Unicast AAddress, Ok
Resetting Neibhour, Ok
Resetting Path, Ok
Resetting OK
Restart the computer to complete this action.

Now, let’s restart your computer to check when your wifi internet connection status fixed or not.
If it is not fixed we go with another to solve this

2. Troubleshoot Problems

It is one of the first steps you can do easily by your computer itself that is troubleshooting. You go to windows network diagnostics to fix the wifi issue.

internet troubleshooting

You click on troubleshoot problems and you just check your computer identifies a problem or not. If your pc detects the issue you click on fix this.

If your internet issue is solved then restart your computer.

3. Check Your Driver Updates

If you still get the same internet access connection, here, we go with device manager for check wireless LAN driver updates.

To fix this problem you first go to your start button and finds the device manager then you will see the following window displayed.

no internet connection WIFI

Now you just right click on network adapters and you again right click on Realtek 8821AE Wireless LAN to check the driver updates.

If you have any driver updates then try to update them from external USB drives. If it’s still not fixed you right click that driver to uninstall it.

After you install it and you go to the action menu and click for a scan for any hardware changes.

4. Check WIFI Status ( To Solve Yellow Triangle)

Here, you click on Wifi signal and select open network sharing center. And you click on wifi ethernet it displays following window.

wifi status
Laptop connected to wifi but no internet access problem occurs due to your router or IP address in most of the situations.

When you go to properties and then it takes some seconds to appears and select internet properties option, click on properties to select the first option for update automatically.

5. Wifi Connected No Internet Android

If you can’t connect to wifi on an android phone? Here, I will give some effective tips that are hoping it help will help you sure.

Just go to mobile settings and select the wifi option.

Then try these following steps

First, forget currently connected WIFI network,
Restart your router,
And finally, restart your mobile device.
Next, click on the WIFI button and make sure that you enter the correct password.

If it’s still not connected to your wifi use the static IP method.

In this method, you try to modify the network IP address. Here, you remember that you must change only the last number of IP address(1-225 only).

And you can also change DNS settings with and DNS2

I hope these steps will surely help you to solve no internet connection wifi. If you still not fix your problem with the internet just share your issues in the comment section, is used, please. I will surely help you to clicks your issues with latest troubleshooting method

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