10 Facts about Low Carb Diet And What Studies Reveals

Facts about Low Carb Diet And What Latest Studies Tell Us About Lifespan:

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Low carb diet is a cut-down carbohydrate with meat, keto diets and paleo diet. It means you maintain a diet with similar to animal diet. This is not good for living the long life but it shortens yours according to the Harvard medical studies.

In other words, low car diet is good for weight loss with the margin of limits. You know that limits initiated by our body only.

There are many facts about a low carb diet for weight loss.

However, most of the people don’t know about scientific studies on diets.

Whatever, diet plan you wants to follow to lose your weight, Firstly you learn about diet facts.

The plan outlined here will

  • Improve your lifespan with the balanced diet.
  • Make you lose weight quickly.
  • Improve your metabolic rate as well.
  • How much energy needs from carbohydrates.

But, here we are discussing low carb diet real facts that are actually scientifically based.

What recent Studies Reveal About Low Carb Diet:

  1. Harvard study reveals to eat a well-balanced diet along with carbohydrates in moderation, is good for a healthy life.
  2. Dietary guidelines recommend daily at least you need to consume 260g carbohydrates from your any diet plan.
  3. Saturated fat: Too much consuming saturated fat leads to develop cholesterol levels that can promote heart diseases ( 24 grams recommended per daily).
  4. Medical studies suggest that replacing the carbohydrates with plant-based fats and proteins may help reduce the risk of health issues.

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Plant-based fats and proteins examples

Protein and Fat Foods

Soya products are a good source of proteins.

Lentils contain a good amount of proteins, nutrients, and fiber.

Chickpeas are the rich source of proteins and you must include in your low carb diet easily.

Almonds offer the best amount of proteins and it is good for your skin moreover eyes.

Peanuts are good to eat on low carb diet and it contains a lot of protein, good amount of fats.

  1. Scientists studied more than 2,00,000 people in the world and declared that 50-60% of a day energy comes from carbohydrates only.
  2. Later dieters move on the ketogenic diet that replaces carbs with fat. It may change your metabolism in the form of ketones. And finally, they lose their weight.
  3. But a latest long-term study reveals and published in Lancet recommends there is a winning formula the number of carbohydrates to consume every day. Formula “ consume carbohydrates in moderation.
  4. Top researcher Sara Seidelmann suggests that plant-based fats and proteins are associated with healthy life.
  5. It means half of the calories come from carbohydrates only and it is the very good balanced diet to lose our weight fast for life a long healthy life.
  6. In fact, researchers concluded that who get 30% energy from carbohydrates they may extend their lifespan more than 30 years.

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Low carb Diet Vegetable Sources:

Here we will provide nutritional values of fat and proteins per 100 grams. In order to find which are the best for our diet to achieve perfect weight loss goals.

Broccoli ( Protein 3.7g, carbohydrate 2.1g, Fat 0.8g )

Cabbage ( Protein 2.8g, carbohydrate 18.7g, Fat 0.7g )

Cauliflower ( Protein 1.8g, carbohydrate 5g, Fat 0.3g )

Lettuce ( Protein 0.8g, carbohydrate 1.8g, Fat 0.3g )

Tomatoes ( Protein 1.10g, Carbohydrate 3.60g, Fat  50g)

Kale ( Protein 5.4g, carbohydrate 24.2g, Fat  3.9g)

Brussels sprouts ( Protein 1g, carbohydrate 0.9g, Fat 0.3g )

Spinach ( Protein 0.8g, carbohydrate 0.4g, Fat 0.2g )

Swiss chard ( Protein 1.6g, carbohydrate 4.7g, Fat 0.6g )

Cucumber ( Protein 0.6g, carbohydrate 2.2g, Fat 0.2g )

Mostly low carb diet vegetable foods loaded with a good amount of fiber, vitamins that are helpful in managing our health while following any diet.

You just fill up your plate with vegetables that also provide essential nutritional values to your body for losing weight fast.

  Key point: Reducing the consumption of sugar-related foods from your diet will control appetite that may lead to losing your weight without heavy hunger feelings.

Healthy Fat Sources:

 Olive oil: It contains the right amount of antioxidants and rich in monosaturated fats. Furthermore, it prevents strokes and does not cause weight gain.

Olive oil contains vitamin a and k. Also have monosaturated fat 73%, saturated fat 13.8 %.

That’s why we gathered olive oil is the best one to achieve weight loss on your low carb diet.

Coconut oil: It has much amount of natural saturated fats that help to increase HDL cholesterol level and also change the bad LDL cholesterol into the harmless form.

Doctors suggest that coconut oil is very effective for preventing heart risks easily.

It contains 12g saturated fat, 1g monosaturated fat in one tablespoon of oil.

Avocado oil: It is rich in monosaturated fat and oleic fatty acids will help reduce the abdominal fat as well as protect from metabolic syndrome.

Avocado oil has healthy fat still you will consume avocado oil for reducing your weight.

Butter: It contains a lot of healthy saturated fat and vitamins. So it is eligible to consume in your low carb diet.

Butter contains 50.37 saturated fat and only 0.1 g sugar, so you absolutely ready to eat on any weight loss plan.

Studies on low carb diet show that simple exercises like jogging, walking, skipping, running may help build bit muscles while dropping your weight (Recommended by latest researches).

Furthermore From Researchers :

On Aug 24 Friday 2018, researches reported that middle age people who get their half of daily energy from carbohydrates may live the longer life than other dieters like paleo, low carb, kept and more.

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