Ipl Opening Ceremony 2018 Details and Performance

Ipl opening ceremony 2018:

Ipl opening ceremony 2018

India’s professional twenty20 cricket league IPL opening ceremony 2018 starts live streaming from Mumbai Wankhede stadium.

This is an 11 the edition of the tournament and the first match between Mumbai Indian and Chennai super kings. The 11th edition of ipl opening begins on Saturday with two most powerful champions.

Mumbai Indians. – 3 timas champions.

Chennai super kings. – 2 times champions.

In the 2018 year Mumbai Wankhede stadium full fill with a huge amount of audience.

The Ipl ceremony  begins with popular Bollywood actress their names

• Hrithik Roshan for the final act.
• Varun Dhawan.
• Parineeti Chopra.
Jacqueline FeJacqJacquelines Bollywood actress performs at the ipl opening ceremony in 2018 at Wankhede stadium.

Ipl opening ceremony

Ipl opening ceremony 2018 Begining Time:

The ipl ceremony starts on Saturday, April 7, 2018, at 6:15 pm.
Ipl Opening Ceremony live Streams:

The ipl 2018 will be begins at 5:00 pm on star sports and also available in Telugu maa movies. But performing starts at 6:15 pm at Wankhede stadium.

Broadcasting TV Channels:

Click here to see the live ceremony and match previews.

• Star sports
• Star sports1 HD
• Star sports select 1
• Star sports select 1 HD with English commentary.

For English commentary

• Star sports 1 Hindi
• Star sports 1 Hindi HD.

• For Telugu commentcommentaryvies

For online streaming ipl function and matches.

The online live streaming available on Jio and Hoststar. And match scores cricbuzz.com.

After returning from controversy Chennai super kings is very hungry for the win against Mumbai Indians.

The both teams are totally filled with powerful players in 2018.

History of CSK VS MI IN IPL.

First ipl match on 23 April 2008.

Last ipl match on 24 may 2015.

MI wins 13 times on CSK.

CSK wins 11 times on MI.

Top victory is

By runs MI beats CSK by 60 runs in 3 may 2013 at Wankhede stadium.

By wickets MI beat CSK by 9 wickets in 14 may 2008 at Wankhede stadium.

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