How To Prepare Guava Leaves For Weight Loss And Benefits

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Here You will learn how to prepare guava leaves for weight loss. Actually guava leaves prevent complex carbohydrates from turning into sugars. This kind of environment promotes a very fast weight loss.

It is only one of the best benefit from the guava tree and it has a lot of health benefits than others on the planet. Because of their excellent nutritional values and antioxidant properties.

The nutrition values that actually promote guava leaves for weight loss. Please check out these values and their antioxidant properties before entering into the article.


guava leaves for weight loss


Total Calories 68,

Potassium 417mg – It helps to maintain natural blood pressure and also important for balancing the acids in the body.

Dietary fiber 5g—This soluble fiber help reduce hunger. And help you lose weight fast. It acts as an excellent appetite suppressant. By suppressing your cravings, your body automatically takes energy from fat storages.

Vitamin C 380% — Regular usage of vitamin C triggers fat burning and makes your body functioning properly.

People who are vitamin C deficiency may have very hard to reduce their fat. So you need to learn clearly about how to prepare guava leaves for weight loss

If you want to reach you easily, so you need to maintain consistency, patience and a few suggestions from your doctor( any diseases).

How Many Days Can U Use Guava Leaves To Lose Weight?

You can drink this amazing fat cutting tea 3 per day and you get noticeable results within a short period of time. Once you get the perfect weight loss result at that time you need to drink only 2 times per week is enough to protect from dangerous diseases.

How To Prepare Guava Leaves For Weight Loss With Fresh Leaves:

how to prepare guava leaves for weight loss

If you know how to prepare guava leaves for weight loss, you don’t think to start your journey from here. We will definitely help you to solve your weight issues through this article.

Most people drinking as a tea but you can also consume in the form of dry guava leaves. Please read this guidance totally because very little doubt also makes your diet plan gets disturbed.

Step 1: Take the required ingredients

fresh guava leaves

2 glasses of water

Step2: First, clean the guava leaves for weight loss with fresh water, because they are filled with dust that can harm your health condition.

Step3: Now boil the guava leaves with 2 glasses of water in low flame.

Step4: After boiling for 10 minutes, tea gets a light red color. It is the perfect time to stop the stow.

Step5: Now it’s ready to drink. If you are sweetener add some honey to it.

How To Prepare Guava Leaves For Weight Loss With Dried Leaves:

Some of the people thinking about dried leaves are useless to make guava tea. Don’t think like that, dried leaves also give the same fresh guava leaf benefits.

You just follow these following procedure carefully to make your powerful healthy tea.

 1: First, crush the guava leaves into the powder and store them for future use.

 2: Take two glasses of water with 1 tablespoon of guava powder into the bowl.

3: Bring them on to the stow and boil them in low flame for 10 minutes until they get light red color.

4: Now it is ready to drink. I recommend taking this tea once daily.

Time to Drink

The best time to drink guava leaves for weight loss in the morning and evening for getting better results. This tea improves your metabolism to get healthy digestion and fat reduction.

Don’t add milk or sugar to guava tea. The recommended dosage of the tea is 1 glass per day only. It is not a short-term weight loss plan but it provides very long time results for your fitness life.

Where Can You Find Guava Leaves?

These are very popular in the world right now, because of their number of health benefits such as fat burning, diabetes cure, hair health and boost our digestive system.

But some people don’t know where they can available in their places.

Don,t worry,

Here, we are providing their various names and places in across the world. And it is easily prepared by yourself only in the home. That’s why everyone wants to follow the plan to get their desired results.

Here are some popular names of guava leaves in different countries.

  1. India = Amrood( Jaama in Telugu)
  2. Spain = Guayaba
  3. Guava (most of the regions in the world)
  4. Psidium Guajava = South Africa.

Below is some possible place to buy them from stores and gardens.

If you are living in the city it is very difficult to find them around your house. So we have the best options


Grocery stores,

From online.

But you are living in the village areas you no need to worry about leaves, you just ready to know how to prepare guava leaves for weight loss only. Because villages almost filled with some decent number of trees around your home or farming areas.

Guava Tea Side Effects:

Over consuming of anything leads to produce some side effects, be aware of that one. When you want to try any diet plan you just collect a good amount of information about that diet plan carefully.

Here are the few side effect of consuming a large number of guava leaves. And it is very safe when you use leaves for 12 weeks only.

  1. Colic
  2. Diarrhea
  3. A cough
  4. Caracas
  5. High Cholesterol.

But, these are all coming from insufficient evidence. There are scientific studies on the side effects.

Other Benefits:

The leaves mostly contain antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents and antibacterial properties give excellent health benefits.

  1. It may help reduce the abdominal pain.
  2. Hight cholesterol levels reduction.
  3. It can also help you to manage diabetes by regulating the blood sugar levels in your body.
  4. Drink the guava tea regularly to belly fat reduction.
  5. Fight against very dangerous diseases throughout your lifelong.
  6. It has some powerful healing powers that may help you to a reduction of cold and cough.
  7. It has a good amount of astringent properties and when you apply the mixture to your face, improve your skin tone and muscles.



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