How To Change Aadhaar Address Without Address Proof In 1 Hour

How to Change aadhaar address without address proof, it’s true news from UIDAI.

Many people need to move to a new city or new house for their job facility, business purpose, and more things. You know a lot of residents struggle to update their aadhaar card new address. But you don’t worry about how to change aadhaar address without address proof.

Those who are facing update address in aadhaar card without address proof is possible now on online and it is announced by Unique identification of authority of India (UIDAI) CEO Ajay.

how to change aadhar address without address proof

This is amazing news for people who wants to update their old address to new address in aadhaar card is easy now. Total 1 hour of time needs to spend on online to change or update details of aadhaar card.

Through online update of aadhar detail very easy nowadays, If you have knowledge on the internet this process looks easy. But some people who don’t know about the internet they suffer little.

So those kinds of residents need to visit internet centers in your city or village and ask them to change aadhaar address without address proof.

Here you guide on how to change aadhaar address without address proof? with simple steps such as

Request for address validation letter.
Update aadhaar address details.

This total process is done with your adhaar linked mobile number and aadhar card number.

How To Change Adhaar Address Without Address Proof

First, you need to enter into the UIDAI website and here you will see requests for address validation letter then click on it. After that, you will see the below window on your screen.

Here, you must enter your aadhaar card number and captcha verification code, then click on send OTP button.

change address in adhar without address proof

To start the process just click on this: Change address without address proof

Once you successfully send OTP then you will soon get an OTP number for your aadhaar registered mobile number.

In your mobile, you will get OTP number along with a link and you go to that link and submit the OTP number to confirm the process.

After submission, one SRN number along with a link will be sent to your old address through Indian post. Here, you need to enter that link and enter your SRN number. You will be seen finally address you want to update and click on the update button.

At the time of the new address update, you need to check your information carefully and confirm it.
Below I provide a detailed process of how to change aadhaar address without address proof. You just follow these simple steps to solve your aadhaar update problems.

Aadhar address validation process

For future reference note your SRN number. Once your aadhaar address updated to the new address you will get new aadhaar card through the Indian post in a few days later to your new home.

How long it takes to update the address in Aadhar card online?

Aadhar address update, correction notifications will be sent to your registered mobile number. From UIDAI, address changes take maximum 10-15 days. When the correction is completed you will get a message to your mobile number. And you collect your ID from nearest aadhar center.

Can I change the address of Aadhar card?

Yes, it’s possible to change the address of aadhaar card in two options, one is with any of your address references and another way is without proof you can also change address with help of requesting the address letter.

What are the documents required for change of address in Aadhar card?

UIDAI allows 32 address references for change aadhaar address include passport, post office passbook, current bill, water bill, ration card, driving license, voter card and more.



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