10 easy dinner ideas With High Quality In Cheap Price

easy dinner ideas

Why Easy Dinner Ideas are Must Be Healthy

Here, we have collected 10 easy dinner ideas that good for your health and money bank.

Especially when you want tasty recipes but they don’t affect your health yet you come into perfect place.

The 10 easy dinner ideas can help you with healthy meal planning and making you get the good amount of nutrition as much your body needed.

Because they provide good health benefits along with a perfect taste for you.

Especially when you want to choose a cheap price with high quality. They’re easy to make and takes less amount of time.

I am here, to help you to create your easy dinner ideas like a magician. I put together a crazy list of popular recipes that actually make your dinner plans from hell to heaven.

easy dinner ideas list

Now, I decided to include chicken related recipes in our easy dinner ideas in the beginning.


Well for recipe’s lovers, chicken is best cheap meat you can find.

If you really want to include protein in your meals, it’s easy to fulfil and can be perfectly delicious.

Before you get to recipes, you must remember that they’re all maybe weight loss friendly.

10 Easy Dinner Ideas

1. Healthy Chicken Laksa

easy dinner ideas chicken

If you are looking for tasty, healthy and weight loss friendly meal then this amazing chicken laksa. And it is easy to make and low in calories.

To find more about chicken recipe make sure you check out the delicious recipe here.

It contains 390 calories per one serve and yummy coconut cream.

2. Chicken And Broccoli Stir Fry

easy dinner ideas

Fries are easy to make them and they are rich in nutritional values.

It is the very good choice for dinner.

I personally love this recipe and it provides 412 calories per 1 serve.

If you are the true lover of broccoli then it is delicious to eat and reduces your belly fat also.

Check out the awesome cheap and simple chicken recipe.

3. Chicken Stew-Colombian Style

When you eat this recipe along with rice makes delicious. And it smells very good.

I really like this recipe because it is Colombian cuisine that is their traditional recipe for Colombians.

4. Chicken Tikka Masala

easy dinner ideas chicken tikka

Chicken tikka masala is one of the best one in my easy dinner ideas.

Whenever you will travel to India, you don’t miss this chicken recipe in the Indian restaurant.

You may try this recipe along with basmati rice that makes your dinner better.

If you want to add this into your easy dinner ideas then check out this recipe here.

5. Lemon Rice

lemon rice-easy dinner ideas

This yummy lemon rice mixed with toasted peanuts and add a couple of springs to the tempering.

After a couple of hours lemon rice absorbing the flavours and produces very good tasty.

Its served with pickle and yoghurt.

Lemon rice contains a good amount of vitamin C and nutrient values. It is not to store in the refrigerator for later usage.

Recipe Here: sailusfood

6. Ramen Noodles

easy dinner ideas-noodles

There are a lot of ways you can make them delicious and save your money, especially for college students.

This recipe provides good nutrient values and it creates a good feel in your mind while you are eating the noodles.

Image and Recipe: Soupaddict

7. Puff Partry Chicken

It is very interested to eat and gives a good amount of protein.

Bake it for about 35-40 minutes.

When you cut puff pastry chicken in the middle, if juices run clear, chicken is cooked well.

I think it is so yummy and provides very good taste.

And it is cheap with high-quality protein values.

8. Bacon Cheeseburger

bacon-easy dinner ideas

This is also the best recipe that kept in your easy dinner ideas.

It is the simple recipe that you need a few ingredients only.

And it is very good to eat when you are in the low budget.

Image and Recipe: Plain chicken

9. Tasty Chicken With Rice

rice-easy dinner ideas

I always try a chicken with rice combination at the every month end.

Because I want good quality protein with cheap price, that why my brain thinks about first quality along with a comfortable price.

You go with chicken and rice combination that’s really makes you feel great.

Image and Recipe: Iheartnaptime

10. Tasty Fried Rice

Yes, it is good to have at dinner time. And Filled with attracted colours.

I think you just add this recipe to your easy dinner ideas that make your cash in the limit for your dinner.

Image And Recipe: Fried Rice

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